16.01.2012 |TIGRA´s Matrix coating technology provides exceptionally long tool life

The new Matrix coating should be of great interest for all who use corrugated knives or planer knives in their tools. The coating is not comparable to commercially available, other coatings.更多

14.03.2011 |PCD - maximum tool life time with minimal processing costs

[Translate to Chinesisch:] PCD - maximum tool life time with minimal processing costs

Since over 25 years TIGRA has produced carbide for woodworking and metal working tools. Since last year TIGRA has been entrusted with the exclusive worldwide distribution of PCD products of ADICO, South Korean manufacturer of...更多

14.02.2011 |Black Oxide - System Planer Knives in special HSS with optimized hard cutting edge

Optimized distribution of hardness The unique manufacturing process maneuvers hardness to where it belongs: the cutting edge. The core of the knife remains soft to help protect against breakage and to also increase the ease of...更多

20.01.2011 |TIGRA USA 引入新设施- 开放参观日及盛大庆典

2011年1月28号,在德国硬质合金生产商TIGRA的历史上,也是一个里程碑式的日子。TIGRA USA Inc美国分公司在举行完开放参观日和招待晚宴后,正式搬入位于北卡莱罗纳州 Hickory 的全新办公楼。 更多

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