Metal working

Due to substantial investments in our production and a close partnership TIGRA has also expanded an own product line for metal working for some years. From stock TIGRA can offer an extensive program of semi-finished products to tool manufacturers using tungsten carbide and ultra-hard PCD and PcBN as cutting materials in individual applications.


PCD blanks and segments

PCD blanks

In standard and special versions, sandwich PCD as half blanks as well as wear part PCD. Laser-cut segments.


Carbide rods, flat and square bars

Carbide rods

Carbide rods as sintered, ground in inch and mm, without as well as with 1 and 2 coolant holes, aso with helix, flat and square bars.


PcBN blanks and segments

PcBN blanks

Solid PcBN blanks and standard PcBN blanks ATN types. Laser-cut segments.


TIGRAmet heavy alloy tool body blanks


TIGRAmet is a high density tungsten heavy alloy ideally suited for high stiffness tooling.


CVD blanks and segments

CVD blanks and segments

We provide a thick film diamond as blanks and segments in tightest tolerances.


Preforms - preformed rods


Individual designed in different grades with different diameters, with or without coolant holes


Carbide inserts for PCD and PcBN tipping

Carbide inserts for PCD and PcBN tipping

Positive and negative unground ISO inserts, positive and negative precision ground ISO inserts.


Carbide saw tips for metal cutting

Carbide saw tips

Carbide saw tips for cutting steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, in various versions, standard and customized, also for PCD tipping



TIGRA offers a large variety of PCD, PcBN, CVD and tungsten carbide products for machining aluminium, steel and composite materials.

As the exclusive distributor and R&D partner of the German-Korean joint-venture partner ADICO, TIGRA has 10 PCD grades with special focus on aluminium and composite material cutting in its program.

Additionally to PCD TIGRA supplies PcBN products in 4 solid and 6 standard PcBN grades for machining from hardened steel to GGG.

A quick cutting service for PCD and PcBN segments, straight and angle-cut, by laser and EDM ensures faster economic supply.

TIGRA┬┤s tungsten carbide rods are available in 4 carbide grades, ground and unground, cut-to-size as requested by the customer;

Carbide bars can be ordered as flat and square bars in different dimensions.

New in the product range: Preformed, end-finished bars, also called preforms: individually according to the customer's drawing, from lot size 1 to large series!

Carbide inserts as semi-finished products or for tipping with PCD, PcBN or CVD are also available. You will also find the most varied dimensions and shapes of ISO plates in the current catalog.

Our carbide saw tips for circular saws are available in mm and inch dimensions in 4 grades. All saw tips are produced in Oberndorf am Lech being controlled by a unique quality control - saw tip for saw tip!

Carbide Grades - Technical Data

Carbide grades for metal and composite material working

PCD grades - Technical Data

PCD grades

PcBN grades - Technical Data

CVD grades - Technical Data

CVD grades

TIGRAmet - Technical data

TIGRAmet heavy alloy tool Body blanks
TIGRAmet heavy alloy tool Body blanks